The European Technology & Innovation Platform for Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET) brings together a multitude of stakeholders and experts from the energy sector with the objective to guide Research, Development & Innovation to support Europe’s energy transition.

For the Implementation Plan 2017-2020, ETIP SNET encourages feedback from all stakeholders involved in the transition of the energy system in Europe, so as to ensure that forthcoming RD&I priorities are funded according to the sectors needs in the coming years. Consultations are possible until 10 August, 2017.

The draft IP 2017-2020 aims at listing the short-term priorities for research and innovation (R&I) in relation with Smart Networks for the Energy Transition. It is based upon the ETIP SNET R&I Roadmap 2017-2026 which specifies the long-term R&I activities for the evolution of the European energy system. All feedback will be reviewed before publication of the final IP in September this year.

For more information on how to participate, please click here.

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ETIP SNET Wants Your Feedback on its Draft Implementation Plan 2017-2020