On 21 March in Arnhem (NL), ISGAN Annex 5 Smart Grid International Research Facility Network (SIRFN) will hold a Workshop on Power System Testing.

Led by Fraunhofer IWES with contributions from RSE and DTU, the workshop will cover the topics of use case flexibility and description of use cases:

1. Use Case Flexibility:

  • Global system service
  • Frequency support with small aggregated units

  • Local system service
  • Microgrids in system operation

2. Description of use cases:

  • Experiences on national level
  • Demos / regulatory approaches

Expected outcome of the workshop:

  • Common view on use of flexibility
  • Description of gaps in regulation / harmonisation

If you would like to register for the workshop or have any questions, please contact sirfn@der-lab.net.

Join ISGAN SIRFN Workshop on Power System Testing in Arnhem (NL) on 21 March, 2017