The CIEMAT, an Organism of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, is a public research agency for excellence in energy and environment, as well as in many vanguard technologies and in various areas of fundamental research. Since its creation in 1951, then as the JEN, and since 1986 as the CIEMAT, it has been carrying out research and technological development projects, serving as a reference for technical representation of Spain in international forums, and advising government on matters within its scope.

CIEMAT is technically and geographically diversifying to better care for the R&D needs of Spain in general and, in particular, its autonomous regions. CIEMAT activities are organized around research projects that span the bridge between R&D and the interests of society. The CIEMAT team is made up of approximately 1200 people, of whom 47% are university graduates.

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Main Research Areas:

  • Energy (renewable energy, fossil fuels, energy recovery)
  • National Fusion Laboratory (nuclear fusion and fission)
  • Environment
  • Technology (computer science and information technology)
  • Basic Research

Fields of DER Research:

  • Wind Generation
  • Fuel Cells and Integrated Systems
  • Kinetic Energy Storage
  • Microgrids