The Department of Electrical Engineering of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) educates engineers within electrical engineering technologies as well as biomedical engineering. Studies are offered at BEng-, BSc-, MSc- and PhD level.


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Research Groups:

  • Acoustic Technology
  • Automation and Control
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Center for Electric Power and Energy
  • Electric Components
  • Electric Energy Systems
  • Electromagnetic Systems
  • Electronics
  • Hearing Systems

Research Area Electric Vehicles Infrastructure:

The Electric Vehicle Lab (EV Lab) has been established to support a wide array of EV integration and technology services. The lab is specialised within two core areas:

1. Electric vehicle power system integration: Covers the electric connection between an electric vehicle and the electrical network to which it connects. This includes smartgrid, interoperability and power measurement studies.
2. Electric vehicle enabling technology: Covers the electric components and technologies important to the operation, performance and cost of the electric vehicle. This includes R&D and equipment testing.



  • Electric vehicles – Serial produced and open platforms
  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure – Serial produced and open platforms
  • Lab space and interfaces – Dedicated lab space and interface to other PowerLabDK facilities
  • Metering equipment and databases – Logging equipment in vehicles, infrastructure and backend systems
  • Test equipment – Testing towards contemporary EV standards


  • Electric measurements and analysis
  • Infrastructure interoperability
  • Smart grid integration

EVLab has access to a large number of different EVs including both serial produced electric vehicles and custom built vehicles used as open platforms for research. The same is true for charging infrastructure.
EVLab both includes dedicated research areas – as well as interfaces to the rest of PowerLabDK.
The areas grant access and electrical connections to all the other labs of PowerLabDK. While havíng access to a number of shared PowerLabDK lab areas – EVLab has a dedicated research hall at the DTU Lyngby campus.
The Lab offers access to specialized data logging equipment and PowerLabDK databases. This includes in-vehicles dataloggers, metering equipment and database systems part of PowerLabDK. The equipment provided allows a component to be tested towards contemporary EV standards. This includes emulator boxes and test equipment for standards such as IEC 61850 and IEC/ISO 15118.