EDF – R&D (Research & Development) carries out ground-breaking research targeted towards three goals:

Fostering innovations – Cutting CO2 emissions by developing alternatives to fossil fuels – Building safer power grids

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EDF R&D implements a proactive policy of partnership in France, Europe, especially in the countries where EDF Group is established, as well as all over the world. R&D program activities are defined through exchanges with our clients and with the Laboratories Direction within a range of activities. Departments are responsible for the realization of the scheduled activities of the program with quality concerns in term of content, time of delivery and costs, while conforming to EDF R&D management rules (assets maintenance, adequation of tools and competence).

Main Mission of EDF R&D:

  • to contribute to the performance of the operational crews of EDF
  • to identify and prepare levers for growth in the medium-to-long term


EDF Concept Grid – Smart Grid Testing Facility
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