Merging the former LEG (Grenoble Power Electrical Laboratory), LEMD (Laboratory of Electrostatics and Dielectric Materials), and LMN (Laboratory of Magnetism of the Ship) in 2007, G2Elab nowadays covers a wide spectrum of expertise in the field Electrical Engineering. Its activity can be summarized by the following keywords: electrical energy, materials, innovative processes and systems, modeling and design methods and software.


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The research carried out in G2Elab ranges from long term research up to collaborative research supported by a strong involvement in partnerships with large companies and SMEs. With more than 100 permanent staff, 110 PhD and 50 Masters, G2Elab appears as a major actor both nationally and internationally in these areas.


The six disciplinary research teams host the scientific life of the lab and hold the fundamental skills and competences needed in the research projects.

  • Systems and Electrical Network
  • Power Electronics
  • Micro systems
  • Materials, Machines and Advanced Electromagnetic Devices
  • Electrostatic and Dielectric Materials
  • Models, Methods and Methodologies Applied to Electrical Engineering

The joint collaborative research centre GIE IDEA (Inventing the Electric Distribution of the Future) links G2Elab together with EDF and Schneider Electric. The centre concentrates its works on the future of power distribution networks.


G2E Lab
GIE IDEA (Inventing the Electric Distribution of the Future) (French)