INESC TEC is a private nonprofit institution having as associates the University of Porto, INESC and the Polytechnic Institute of Porto in Portugal.

The Power Systems Unit (USE) is INESC TEC main actor in the area of electrical energy.

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The Power Systems Unit employs close to 70 collaborators, including 16 PhD holders. It is internationally recognized for its expertise in problems relating to the integration of wind power and renewable energy in general in power systems. USE is also recognized in the areas of distributed generation and smart-grids, the areas traditionally associated with planning and operating power systems.

The high level of expertise developed has allowed specialists at USE to take on key roles in important EU projects as part of the successive framework programmes that led to notable scientific and technical advances with considerable impact on industry. This has led to contracts for development and consultancy with companies manufacturing equipment, generation, transmission and distribution companies, regulators, government agencies and investors in Europe, South America, the United States of America and Africa.

Expertise areas of the Power Systems Unit (USE):

  • Integration of renewable energy sources in transmission systems
  • Microgeneration and microgrids
  • Electric vehicle integration in distribution grids
  • Development of a technical architecture for the implementation of a fully active distribution network

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