Lodz University of Technology is one of the biggest universities in Poland with approximately 20,000 students and about 1,550 academic staff members. The University consists of 10 Faculties, which then are divided into departments and institutes.


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The main research activity of the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering encompasses distributed generation (including renewables) and its integration with electrical power grid, quality of supply, microgrids, optimisation of network and power plant operation, electricity markets, power system modelling and simulation as well as optimisation of lighting networks and devices.
In the field of education, the Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering provides different types of master and bachelor degree studies. The Institute offers postgraduate courses in up-to date problems of electrical power engineering, e.g. power quality, energy markets, etc.


  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering
  • Faculty of Chemistry
  • Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design
  • Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering
  • Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics
  • Faculty of Organization and Management
  • Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering


Lodz University