The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is the only U.S. national laboratory solely dedicated to advancing renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies from concept to commercial application. For 35 years, NREL innovations, analysis, and expertise have enabled the emergence of a U.S. clean energy industry and led to numerous success stories from across the laboratory.

NREL’s 327-acre main campus in Golden, Colorado, is a living model of sustainable energy. The laboratory also operates the National Wind Technology Center on 305 acres located 13 miles north of its main campus.

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Capabilities and Areas of Expertise:

  • Renewable Fuels — Biomass, hydrogen and fuel cells, and vehicle technologies
  • Renewable Electricity — Solar, wind, water, geothermal, smart-grid technology, and building technology and efficiency
  • Energy Science — Chemical and biosciences, scientific computing, and materials science
  • Strategic Energy Analysis — Technology, markets, public policy, security, and government programs
  • Commercialization and Technology Transfer — Sponsored research and development agreements and licenses with private industry to develop commercial products
  • Deployment — Information and tools to help communities, industry, and government select the most impactful technologies to reduce their fossil energy use

Recent Publications:

F. Ding, B. Mather, “On Distributed PV Hosting Capacity Estimation, Sensitivity Study and Improvement”, in IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, vol.pp, no.99, 2016.

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