SEER is a research center on renewable electrical energy systems, associated to the Technical University of Catalonia, BarcelonaTech (UPC). The main research focus lies on power generation based on renewable energies, mainly solar power, wind power as well as on modern power systems. SEER works on cutting-edge research projects relating to distributed generation, advanced power processing, electrical energy storage, smart grids and grid integration, intelligent electrical networks and energy storage systems, demand response as well as information and communication technologies.

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The facilities include the PV and Wind Power Power Lab, Grid Connection and Microgrid Lab, Smart Grids Lab and Real Time Simulation Lab.
SEER establishes multiple partnerships with R&D projects and companies, participates in projects on the EU and international levels, and offers high-level networking and consulting as well as certification and pre-certification services.

PV and Wind Power Lab:

  • Study of different MPPT solutions and power processing structures for PV and Wind systems
  • Development of new converter topologies for PV and Wind systems
  • Development of supervisory and control systems for generation plants
  • Design and test of new controllers for fulfilling grid code requirements for PV and wind power systems
  • Certification & pre-certification of PV inverters

Grid Connection and Microgrid Lab:

  • Design of a new generation of control systems for distributed generation plants
  • Analysis of the impact of renewable energy systems on the network
  • Consultancy for companies about the services to be provided to the grid by plants for fulfilling grid codes
  • Control of small scale networks and microgrids
  • Pilot plant design and on-site testing for out-door monitoring

Smart Grids Lab

  • Integration of power processing and energy storage systems
  • Sizing energy storage solutions as a function of the grid services
  • Design and test of hybrid energy storage systems
  • Design of distributed control systems for smart grids

Real Time Simulation Lab

  • Management of PSCAD, PSIM, Matlab and Digsilent simulation systems
  • Study, design and validation of models for grid impact analysis
  • Design of RT Simulation scenarios for testing and validation purposes
  • Design of hardware interfaces for connecting control systems with Real Time and HIL tools
  • Model and control validation & pre-certification


SEER – Renewable Electrical Energy Systems Research Center