Online: FOSS Annual Activity Report 2014

Online: FOSS Annual Activity Report 2014

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A member of the DERlab Association, FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy of the University of Cyprus has completed its first year with notable successes in all targeted areas, which are now consolidated in the FOSS Annual Activity Report 2014.

According to the FOSS team, “Building effective partnerships and actively linking the work of the centre to networks like DERlab have been among main objectives of FOSS in supporting research endeavours of Cyprus and Europe. We look forward to new opportunities with optimism and invite you to have a look at our Activity Report 2014 to find out more about the remarkable successes and the goals of our research team.”


DTU demonstrates that electric vehicles are ready to support the power system

DTU demonstrates that electric vehicles are ready to support the power system

DTU logo großOn 26-27 October, 2015, the Department of Electric Engineering of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) hosted an International Energy Agency (IEA) workshop on V2X technology with forty-six experts from academia, the system operator domain and the car industry.

The term “V2X” (vehicle to everything) is used to cover a number of applications where an Electric Vehicle (EV) battery can be used as a power source. This function strengthens an EV’s ability to support the power system since power and energy can be provided from the battery. It also means that the EV owner will have access to electric power where a connection to the power grid is not practical or possible. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has created a task to investigate V2X as one of the key technologies that will help the EV to realise its potential in a smart grid context.

During the workshop, the Department of Electric Engineering together with its partners in the Danish Nikola project demonstrated that two series-produced EVs (Nissan Leafs) could use V2X to provide frequency regulation. In the demonstration that was carried out in the new EVLab facilities (part of the PowerLabDK platform), power was sent back into the power system when the frequency went below 50Hz, meaning that there was a demand for power in the electric grid.

DTU EVLab Nissan V2X workshop

This proof of concept is important since it shows that thousands of Danish Nissan Leafs are already capable of providing advanced V2X-based smart grid services. Ultimately such services should aid the operation of the future Danish power system

while reducing the cost of ownership for EV owners.



Find out more about the EVLab at

and the Nikola project at

Available Online: COTEVOS/DERlab Special Issue of DER Journal “Grid Integration and Interoperability Assessment of EV”

Available Online: COTEVOS/DERlab Special Issue of DER Journal “Grid Integration and Interoperability Assessment of EV”

Having developed optimal structures and capacities to test the conformance, interoperability and performance of different systems for the smart charging of EV, COTEVOS together with DERlab initiated a joint special issue of the DER Journal (International Journal of Distributed Energy Resources and Smart Grids). Under the topic "Grid Integration and Interoperability Assessment of EV", the released issue addresses several crucial aspects:

• testing infrastructures and analysis for EV integration based on interoperability, conformance and functionality testing architectures for multiple actors and services

• implementation guidelines based on the standards ISO/IEC15118 and IEC 61851-1 for EV, EV supply equipment manufacturers and other e-mobility actors

• centralised and decentralised charging management of EV in the view of the possible barriers (blackouts, peaks and voltage sags, etc.) with different control algorithms (lottery-based schedule model, artificial intelligence, etc.)

• impact assessment of the EV integration in the electric distribution network with the help of the predictive capability model for quantitative analysis of harmonic voltage and current levels

Covering such a vast thematic scope, this DER Journal shares knowledge and experience to various stakeholders of the EV research and market. Research infrastructures will find information on ways of enhancing their ICT testing capabilities for the EV integration in the smart grid environment. The EV industry, original equipment manufacturers and other service providers might find new ideas for business models and services based on EV charging management. Meanwhile distribution operators are provided with new information on grid stability and the build-up for future EV developments.

Here you can find the COTEVOS/DERlab special issue of the DER Journal “Grid Integration and Interoperability Assessment of Electric Vehicles” available for free download.

Renewable Distributed Generation Forum on 13-15 April, 2016, in Lausanne (CH)

Renewable Distributed Generation Forum on 13-15 April, 2016, in Lausanne (CH)

The Renewable Distributed Generation Forum, on 13-15 April, 2016, in Lausanne (CH), will bring together top experts from around the world to examine the very latest technology advances, case studies, and business models for increasing the penetration of renewable energy while optimising the benefits for stakeholders across the energy ecosystem. The emphasis is on real-world deployments, key lessons learned to date, and success strategies moving forward.

Topics to be addressed during the event include:

  • Leveraging grid-scale and distributed energy storage
  • Market trends, growth projections, and change drivers
  • Grid-connected and off-grid microgrid systems
  • Managing the impact of renewables on transmission and distribution system
  • Interfaces and integration into existing systems
  • Power control strategies and monitoring
  • Next-gen smart grid technologies and network architectures
  • Advanced technologies for enabling greater PV and wind integration
  • New-generation distributed energy resources inverters
  • And much more

You can register and find out more information about the event, the attached workshop and the speakers please visit

You can find the original press release here.

Register for IEEE International Energy Conference in Leuven (BE) on 4-8 April, 2016

Register for IEEE International Energy Conference in Leuven (BE) on 4-8 April, 2016

ENERGYCON is dedicated to experts carrying out research on energy and power systems. It has already become one of the central events for discussion on the application of electronics, instrumentation, information and communication technology in the energy industry.

Taking place in Leuven (BE) on 4-8 April, 2016, and co-organised by KU Leuven (BE) and IEEE, the conference will cover the following topics:

  • Smart cities and ICT
    • Multi-energy systems
    • ICT for smart grids
    • Data processing and visualization in the power system
    • Electric vehicles
  • Transmission
    • Planning
    • Operation and Control
    • HVDC and HVDC grids
    • Connection of offshore resources
    • Modelling and analysis
  • Distribution
    • Integration of distributed energy sources
    • Modelling and analysis
    • Operation and control
  • Markets and policy for electricity and gas
    • European energy policy towards 2030 and beyond
    • Security of supply
    • Market modelling
    • Market design
    • Regulation
  • Energy conversion
    • Devices (power electronics, drives, etc.)
    • Innovative energy technologies
    • Power to gas
    • Energy storage (electrical, thermal, etc.)

During ENERGYCON 2016 more than 200 scientific contributions will be presented in oral and poster presentation sessions. Additionally, a number of panel sessions with dedicated expert speakers will take place during the conference.

You can register and find further information about the panel sessions, tutorials and the programme of the conference here.

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