NREL Working on Taller Wind Turbines

NREL Working on Taller Wind Turbines


When building a wind turbine, you want to make it as tall as possible to capture stronger, faster winds aloft. But taller tower bases become too large to be transported over the road—a constraint that has kept average US wind turbine heights at 80 meters for the last 10 years.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is currently involved in a project which has found a potential solution: automated concrete manufacturing.

Learn more about this exciting breakthrough for wind energy in this video.

DTU’s Invention Revolutionising Wind Measurement

DTU’s Invention Revolutionising Wind Measurement


DTU researchers have invented a wind scanner which measures the actual wind conditions around wind turbines in three dimensions. Having three laser beams and a controllable system of prisms the 3D wind scanner detects a three-dimensional image of the wind field. The patented technology has now been put to work in several different types of wind scanner.

The 3D measuring technology is now in high demand far beyond Denmark’s borders, thanks in part to its inclusion in the European roadmap. Several European countries are now working to build their own national versions of the wind scanners based on DTU’s original design, with the associated software and data platform, and training users.

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