On 16 October 2018 the ERIGrid project will hold a workshop “Laboratory-Based Services for Smart Grids: Best Practices from the ERIGrid Project” as a side-event of IRED 2018 (8th International Conference on Integration of Renewable and Distributed Energy Resources).

ERIGrid is a five-year long project supported by the H2020 Programme. It tackles a holistic, cyber-physical systems based approach by integrating 18 European research centres and institutions with outstanding research infrastructures. Addressing the lack of system validation approaches for smart grids, project partners work together to jointly develop common methods, concepts, and procedures.

ERIGrid also integrates and enhances the necessary research services for analysing, validating and testing smart grid configurations. Furthermore, ERIGrid provides system level support, education and a broad spectrum of services for industrial and academic researchers in order to foster future innovation. In this way, ERIGrid supports the technology development as well as the roll out of smart grid solutions and concepts in Europe. To find out more please visit erigrid.eu

Up to now power system testing issues have not been significantly considered in the laboratory context. Future development of smart grid solutions and technologies has been only supported on the component level, however system level issues need to be recognised and examined too. Pure simulation and current laboratory-based approaches need to be combined and enhanced since they are not always sufficient to tackle complex problems. Therefore there is a need for harmonising existing flexible simulation and co-simulation tools and advanced validation methods using hardware-in-the-loop testing environments. Laboratory testing of component and small-scale power system call for improvement as well.

In this workshop, ERIGrid intends to bring together relevant stakeholders, initiatives and projects to discuss the state-of-the-art in laboratory-based smart grid services and future aims. The discussions will also support the knowledge exchange between ongoing projects.

The following research topics will be presented and discussed in the workshop:

  • Improvement of existing laboratories with ICT systems
  • Developed advanced testing scenarios and corresponding methods forming a systems integration point of view
  • Improvement of hardware-in-the-loop approach fostering system integration tests, combining co-simulation and real setups for advanced system integration tests

Location: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Giefinggasse 2, 3rd floor, 1210 Vienna

Date: 16 October 2018

Registration: Although the ERIGrid workshop is an official side-event of IRED 2018, the registration for IRED is not mandatory to be able to register for the workshop.