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Cooperative conference and journal papers by DERlab e.V. or by member institutes of DERlab e. V. (non-exhaustive list) in 2016-2018. For conference and journal papers prior to 2016 please see the Archive tab.

TitleAuthorsPlace of the publicationAffiliation
Applying the Smart Grid Architecture Model for Designing and Validating System-of-Systems in the Power and Energy Domain: A European PerspectiveM. Uslar1, S. Rohjans2, C. Neureiter3, F. Pröstl Andrén4, Jorge Velasquez 1, Cornelius Steinbrink1, Venizelos Efthymiou 5, Gianluigi Migliavacca 6, Seppo Horsmanheimo7, Helfried Brunner4 and Thomas I. Strasser 4,8Energies, volume 12, no. 1:258
January 2019
An integrated pan-European research infrastructure for validating smart grid systemsT. Strasser1, F. Pröstl Andrén1, E. Widl1, G. Lauss1, E. C. W. De Jong2, M. Calin, M. Sosnina3, A. Khavari3, J. E. Rodriguez, P. Kotsampopoulos4 et al.e&i Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik, Springer, Volume 135, no. 8, pp. 616-622 December 20181AIT, 3TU/e, 3DERlab e.V., 4NTUA
Multi-Agent System with Plug and Play Feature for Distributed Secondary Control in Microgrid-Controller and Power Hardware-in-the-Loop ImplementationT.L. Nguyen1, E. Guillo Sansano2, M.H. Syed2, V.H. Nguyen3, S.M. Blair2, L. Reguera2, Q.T. Tran3, R. Caire1, G.M. Burt2, C. Gavriluta 4, N.A. Luu5Energies, Vol. 11 Issue 12, November 20181G2ELab, 2USTRATH, 3CEA-INES, 4AIT, 5University of Da Nang
Advanced Testing Chain Supporting the Validation of Smart Grid Systems and TechnologiesR. Brandl1, P. Kotsampopoulos2, G. Lauss3, M. Maniatopoulos2, M. Nuschke1, J. Montoya1, T.I. Strasser3, D. Strauss-Mincu1COMPENG IEEE, October 20181Fraunhofer IEE, 2NTUA, 3AIT
Asynchronous Integration of a Real-Time Simulator to a Geographically Distributed Controller through a Co-Simulation EnvironmentJ. Montoya1, R. Brandl1, M. Vogt1, F. Marten1, M. Maniatopoulos2, A. Fabian3IEEE IECON, October 20181Fraunhofer IEE, 2NTUA, 3DNV GL
Innovative Grid Operation Planning Tool for the system operatorsA. Khavari1, M. Shalaby1, G. Graditi2, R. Ciavarella2, M. Di Somma 2, M. Valenti2, H. Brunner3, S. Henein 3, S. Khan3, J. Ringelstein4, M. Hadjikypris5IRED 2018 – Vienna, 16-19 October 20181DERlab,2ENEA, 3AIT, 4Fraunhofer IEE, 5University of Cyprus (FOSS)
A Benchmark System for Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing of Distributed Energy ResourcesP. Kotsampopoulos 1, D. Lagos1, N. Hatziargyriou 1, M. O. Faruque 2, G. Lauss 3, O. Nzimako 4,P. Forsyth4, M. Steurer2,
F. Ponci 5, A. Monti5, V. Dinavahi 6, K. Strunz 7
IEEE Power and Energy Technology Systems Journal (Volume: 5, Issue: 3, Sept. 2018 )1ICCS NTUA, 2Florida State University, 3AIT, 4RTDS Inc., 5RWTH Aachen University, 6University of Alberta, 7Berlin University of Technology
Time Synchronous Control of Grid- and PV-emulators for Laboratory Testing Within a Co-simulation EnvironmentC. Seitl 1, T. Strasser1, M. Maniatopoulos 2, P. Kotsampopoulos 2CIRED Workshop – Ljubljana, 7-8 June 2018
Volume: 5, Issue: 3, published Sept. 2018
System level valiadtion of a distributed frequency control algorithmT.L. Nguyen (GINP) E. Guillo-Sansano, M.H. Syed, S.M. Blair, L. Reguera, Q.T. Tran, R. Caire, G.M. Burt, C. Gavriluta and V.H. NguyenIEEE EEEIC June 2018
ERIGrid, European Research Infrastructure supporting Smart Grid Systems Technology Development, Validation and Roll Out, HORIZON2020T. Strasser1Impact, Volume 2018, Number 1, pp. 78-80(3)
March 2018
Initialization and Synchronization of Power Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulations: A Great Britain Network Case StudyEfren Guillo-Sansano1, Mazheruddin H. Syed1, Andrew J. Roscoe1 and Graeme M. Burt1Energies, Volume 11, Issue 5
28 April 2018
Electric Vehicle Charging System Model for
Accurate Electricity System Planning
Arturs Purvins1,2 , Catalin-Felix Covrig1, Georgios Lempidis 3,4IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution Journal (Volume 12, Issue 17: 30 September 2018)1European Commission, JRC, 2DERlab e.V.,
3Valeo Siemens eAutomotive Germany, 4Fraunhofer IEE
Validating the Electra Web-of-cell Control Concept – An Overview of Possible Simulation Environment EnhancementsM. Cabiati1, C. Tornelli1 , C. Seitl 2, T. Strasser2CIRED Workshop – Ljubljana, 7-8 June 2018, Paper 01191RSE, 2AIT
Multi-laboratory Cooperation for Validating Microgrid and Smart Distribution System ApproachesM. Otte 1, S. Rohjans1 , D. Pala2, C. Sandroni 2, T. Strasser3CIRED Workshop – Ljubljana, 7-8 June 2018, Paper 03011HAW, 2RSE, 3AIT
Enhanced Operation Planning Tool for the EU Grid Addressing the Emerging TechnologiesG. Graditi1, M. Di Somma 1, M. Valenti 1, R. Ciavarella 1, H. Brunner 2,S. Kadam2, M.Calin3, A. Khavari3, V. Efthymiou 4, A. Meli4, M. Hadjikypris 4, J. Ringelstein 5, A. Akbulut 5, M. Kosmecki 6, M. Bajor 6, A. Wakszyńska 6ENERGYCON 2018 – Limassol, 3-7 June 20181ENEA,2AIT, 3DERlab, 4University of Cyprus (FOSS),5Fraunhofer IEE,6IEn
Power System-in-the-Loop Testing Concept for Holistic System InvestigationsR. Brandl1, J. Montoya1, M. Calin2, D. Strauss-Mincu2IEEE IESES, January 20181Fraunhofer IEE, 2DERlab
Power System Stability Studies including real Hardware using Phasor Power Hardware-in-the-Loop TechnologyR. Brandl1, J. Montoya1, T. Degner1, D. Strauss-Mincu2IEEE IESES, January 20181Fraunhofer IEE, 2DERlab
FMI compliant approach to investigate the impact of communication to islanded microgrid secondary controlT.L. Nguyen1, Q. T. Tran2, R. Caire 1,Y. Besanger1, T. T. Hoang1, V.H. Nguyen1IEEE ISGAN Asia, Auckland (NZ), December 20171G2ELab, 2CEA-INES
CIM compliant multi-platform approach for cyber-physical energy system assessmentM.T. Le 1, V.H. Nguyen1, Y. Besanger1, Q. T. Tran2, T. Braconnier1, A.Labonne1, H. Buttin2IEEE ISGAN Asia, Auckland (NZ), December 20171G2ELab, 2CEA-INES
Real-Time Simulation and Hardware-in-the-Loop Approaches for Integrating Renewable Energy Sources into Smart Grids: Challenges & ActionsV. H. Nguyen1, Y. Besanger1, Q. T. Tran1, T. L. Nguyen1, C. Boudinet1, R. Brandl2, F. Marten2, A. Markou3, P. Kotsampopoulos3, A. A. van der Meer4, E. Guillo-Sansano5, G. Lauss6, T. I. Strasser6, K. Heussen7IEEE ISGAN Asia, Auckland (NZ), December 20171G2Elab. 2IWES. 3NTUA. 4TU Delft. 5University of Strathclyde. 6AIT. 7DTU.
A co-simulation approach using PowerFactory and Matlab/Simulink to enable validation of distributed control concepts within future power systemsK. Johnstone1, S. M. Blair1, M. H. Syed1, A. Emhemed1, G. M. Burt1, T. Strasser2
CIRED 2017 – 24th International Conference on Electricity Distribution, Jun. 12-15, Glasgow (UK), 20171USTRATH, 2AIT
Software-Driven Active Customer Interface for DER IntegrationJan Ringelstein1, Mohamed Shalaby2, Mihai Sanduleac3, Lola Alacreau4, Joao Martins5, Vasco Delegado-Gomes5IET, October 20171IWES. 2DERlab. 3Exenir SRL. 4ETRA I+D.5 FCT Nova.
A Case Study of an Adaptive Protection Scheme for the Web-of-Cells ConceptM. Valov1, J. Merino2IEEE PES ISGT Europe, Torino (IT), 26-29 September, 20171IWES. 2TECNALIA.
Using Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop Experiments together with Co-simulation for the Holistic Validation of Cyber-Physical Energy SystemsV.H. Nguyen1, Y. Besanger1, Q.T. Tran1, C. Boudinnet1, T.L. Nguyen1, R. Brandl2, T. Strasser3IEEE PES ISGT Europe, Torino (IT), 26-29 September, 20171G2ELab, 2IWES,3AIT
Agent Based Distributed Control of Islanded Microgrid – Real-Time Cyber-Physical ImplementationT.L. Nguyen1, Q. T. Tran2, R. Caire1, C. Gavriluta1, V. H. Nguyen1IEEE ISGT Europe, September, 20171G2ELab, 2CEA-INES
Simulation-based Validation of Smart Grids – Status Quo and Future Research TrendsC. Steinbrink1, S. Lehnhoff1, S. Rohjans1, T. I. Strasser2, E. Widl2, C. Moyo2, G. Lauss2, F. Lehfuss2, M. Faschang2, P. Palensky3, A. A. van der Meer3, K. Heussen4, O. Gehrke4, E. Guillo-Sansano5, M. H. Syed5, A. Emhemed5, R. Brandl6, V. H. Nguyen7, A. Khavari8, Q. T. Tran7, P. Kotsampopoulos9, N. Hatziargyriou9, N. Akroud10, E. Rikos11, M. Z. Degefa118th International Conference on Industrial Applications of Holonic and Multi-Agent Systems, Lyon (FR), 28-30 August, 20171OFFIS. 2AIT. 3TU Delft. 4DTU. 5University of Strathclyde. 6IWES. 7G2ELab. 8DERlab. 9NTUA. 10Ormazabal. 11CRES. 11SINTEF.
An Integrated Research Infrastructure for Validating Cyber-Physical Energy SystemsT. I. Strasser1, C. Moyo 1, R. Bründlinger1, S. Lehnhoff2, M. Blank2, P. Palensky3, A. A. van der Meer3, K. Heussen4, O. Gehrke4, J. E. Rodriguez5, J. Merino5, C. Sandroni6, M. Verga6, M. Calin7, A. Khavari7, M. Sosnina7, E. de Jong8, S. Rohjans2, A. Kulmala9, K. Mäki9, R. Brandl10, F. Coffele11, G. M. Burt11, P. Kotsampopoulos12, N. Hatziargyriou128th International Conference on Industrial Applications of Holonic and Multi-Agent Systems, Lyon (FR), 28-30 August, 20171AIT. 2OFFIS. 3TU Delft. 4DTU. 5TECNALIA. 6RSE. 7DERlab. 8DNV GL. 9VTT. 10IWES. 11University of Strathclyde. 12NTUA.
Validating Intelligent Power and Energy Systems – A Discussion of Educational NeedsP. Kotsampopoulos1, N. Hatziargyriou1, T. I. Strasser2, C. Moyo2, S. Rohjans3 , C. Steinbrink 4 , S. Lehnhoff4 , P. Palensky 5 , A. A. van der Meer 5 , D. E. Morales Bondy 6 , K. Heussen 6, M. Calin 7 , A. Khavari 7 , M. Sosnina 7 , J. E. Rodriguez 8 , and G. M. Burt9
HoloMAS 2017, Lyon (FR)
28-30 August 2017
Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Setup for Power System Stability AnalysesR. Brandl1, M. Calin2, T. Degner1International Conference on Electricity Distribution, Glasgow (GB), June 12-15, 20171IWES. 2DERlab.
Cyber-physical energy systems modeling, test specification, and co-simulation based testingA. A. van der Meer1, P. Palensky1, K. Heussen2, D. E. Morales Bondy2, O. Gehrke2, C. Steinbrink3, M. Blank3, S. Lehnhoff3, E. Widl4, C. Moyo4, T. I. Strasser4, V. H. Nguyen5, N. Akroud 6, M. H. Syed7, A. Emhemed7, S. Rohjans3, R. Brandl8, A. M. Khavari9Workshop on Modeling and Simulation of Cyber-Physical Energy Systems, Pittsburgh, PA (US), April 21, 20171TU Delft. 2DTU. 3OFFIS. 4AIT. 5G2ELab. 6Ormazabal. 7University of Strathclyde. 8IWES. 9DERlab.
On Conceptual Structuration and Coupling Methods of Co-Simulation Frameworks in Cyber-Physical Energy System ValidationV.H. Nguyen 1, Y. Besanger 1, Q.T. Tran2, T. L. Nguyen 1,2
Energies, vol. 10, no. 12:1977
March 2017
Design and Evaluation of SunSpec-Compliant Smart Grid Controller with an Automated Hardware-in-the-Loop TestbedJ. Johnson1, B. Fox2, R. Ablinger3, R. Bründlinger3, J. Flicker1India Smart Grid Week, March 20171Sandia.2SunSpec Alliance, 3AIT.
Best Practices in Photovoltaic System Operations and Maintenance (2nd edition)C. Whaley (working group coordinator)1, A. Walker1, T. Lowder1, C. Kurnik1, C. Nichols2, A. Qusaibaty2, D. Boff2, G. Klise 3, O. Lavrova 3, Roger Hill3, T. Tansy 4, T. Keating 4, A. Pochiraju 4, J. Deot 4, B. Fox4NREL/Sandia/Sunspec Alliance SuNLaMP PV O&M Working Group, December 20161NREL. 2US DOE SunShot Initiative. 3Sandia. 4SunSpec Alliance.
Evaluation of System-Integrated Smart Grid Devices using Software- and Hardware-in-the-LoopBlake Lundstrom1, Sudipta Chakraborty1, Georg Lauss2, Roland Bründlinger2, Russell Conklin3 (U.S. Department of Energy)Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT2016) by IEEE, Minneapolis, MN (US), 6-9 September, 20161NREL. 2AIT.3US Department of Energy.
Stochastic model predictive control for economic/environmental operation management of microgrids: An experimental case studyA. Parisio1, E. Rikos2, L. Glielmo3Journal of Process Control 43, July 2016, pp.24–371University of Manchester. 2CRES. 3University of Sannio.
Forecasting and observability: critical technologies for system operations with high PV penetrationP.-J. Alet1, V. Efthymiou2, G. Graditt3, N. Henze4, M. Juel5, D. Moser6, M. Pierro 6, F. Nemac 7, E. Rikos 8, S. Tselepis8, G. Yang9EU PVSEC2016, Munich (DE), 20-24 June, 20161CSEM, PV-center. 2FOSS. 3ENEA. 4IWES. 5SINTEF. 6EURAC. 7ApE. 8CRES. 9TU Denmark.
Experimental validation of flexibility provision by highly distributed demand portfolioM. H. Syed1, G. M. Burt1, R. D’Hulst2, J. Verbeeck2CIRED Workshop, Helsinki (FI), June 20161University of Strathclyde.2EnergyVille-VITO.
Transitioning from centralized to distributed control: using SGAM to support a collaborative development of web of cells architecture for real time controlE. Guillo-Sansano1, M. H. Syed1, P. Dambrauskas1, M. Chen1, G. M. Burt1, S. McArthur1, T. Strasser2CIRED Workshop, Helsinki (FI), June 20161University of Strathclyde.2AIT.
Biochar and compost amendments enhance copper immobilisation and support plant growth in contaminated soilsS. Jones1, R.P. Bardos1, P.S. Kidd2, M. Mench3, F. de Leij4, T. Hutchings4, A. Cundy5, C. Joyce5, G. Soja6, W. Friesl-Hanl6, R. Herzig7, P. Menger8Journal of Environmental Management, 171, April 2016, pp. 101 – 112.1University of Reading. 2Instituto de Investigaciones Agrobiológicas de Galicia (IIAG). 3Université de Bordeaux. 4C-Cure Solutions Ltd. 5University of Brighton. 6AIT. 7Phytotech Foundation & AGB. 8TECNALIA.
Enhanced situational awareness and decision support for operators of future distributed power network architecturesA. S. Zaher1, V. M. Catterson1, M. H. Syed1, S. D. J. McArthur1, G. M. Burt1, M. Che1n, M. Marinelli2, A. Prostejovsky2EEE ISGT Europe, Ljubljana (SI), October 20161University of Strathclyde. 2DTU.
Towards a Foundation for Holistic Power System Validation and TestingM. Blank1, S. Lehnhoff1, K. Heussen2, D. E. Morales Bondy2, C. Moyo3, T. Strasser3IEEE ETFA, Berlin (DE), September 6-9, 20161OFFIS. 2DTU. 3AIT.
Towards Holistic Power Distribution System Validation and Testing – An Overview and Discussion of Different Possibilities T. Strasser1, F. Andren1, G. Lauss1, R. Bründlinger1, H. Brunner1, C. Moyo1, C. Seitl1, S. Rohjans2, S. Lehnhoff2, P. Palensky3, P. Kotsampopoulos4, N. Hatziargyriou4, G. Arnold5, W. Heckmann5, E.C.W. de Jong6, M. Verga7, G. Franchioni7, L. Martini7, A.M. Kosek8, O. Gehrke8, H. Bindner8, F. Coffele9, G. Burt9, M. Calin10, J.E. Rodriguez-Seco11CIGRE, Paris (FR), August 21-26, 20161AIT. 2OFFIS. 3TU Delft. 4NTUA. 5IWES. 6DNV GL. 7RSE. 8DTU. 9University of Strathclyde. 10DERlab. 11TECNALIA.
EMC issues in the interaction between smart meters and power electronic interfacesP.Kotsampopoulos1, A.Rigas1, J.Kirchhof2, G.Messinis1, A.Dimeas1, N.Hatziargyriou1, V.Rogakos3, K.Andreadis3IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, vol.PP, no.99, pp. 1-10, May 20161NTUA. 2IWES. 3HEDNO.
Distribution Line Parameter Estimation Under Consideration of Measurement TolerancesA. Prostejovsky1, O. Gehrke1, A. Kosek1, H. Bindner1, T. Strasser2IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, vol.12, no.2, pp. 726-735, February 20161DTU. 2AIT.

Power Cybernetics – the future of validationAuthor: Peter Vaessen (DNV GL)
Smart Transmission and Distribution Networks
15–16 September, 2016, Prague (CZ)
Technical grid connection guides for distributed electricity generation systems: a new DERlab database has come alive Article authors: Arturs Purvins (DERlab), Birthe Klebow (DERlab)
Source: IET Renewable Power Generation, Volume 9, Issue 8, November 2015, p. 1087 – 1092
Technical Guidelines on Long-term Photovoltaic Module Outdoor Testing provide information about the test set-up and measurement equipment for PV module testing under outdoor conditionsAuthors: DERlab e.V., February 2012. If you would like to purchase this publication, please contact office(at)
DERlab Activity Report 2016/2017Kassel, September 2017
COTEVOS/DERlab Special Issue of the DER Journal “Grid Integration of Electric Vehicles”Kassel, November 2015
DERlab/SIRFN Special Issue of the DER Journal “Pre-standardisation Activities for Grid Integration of DER”Kassel, October 2015
STARGRID Report Final Recommendations on Integrating Smart Grid in Distribution NetworksKassel, January 2015
DERlab Activity Report 2014/2015Kassel, January 2015
DERlab Activity Report 2012/2013Kassel, April 2013
DERlab Activity Report 2011/2012Kassel, October 2011
DERlab Activity Report 2008/2010Kassel, September 2010
DERlab Activity Report 2005 to 2008Kassel, November 2008

Technical Reports

Publications of the EC FP6 DERlab Network of Excellence (2005-2011):

“European White Book on Real-Time Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop testing”Reference document on the future of testing of electrical power equipment with specific focus on the emerging hardware-in-the-loop activities and applications. It provides an outlook of how this powerful tool can be utilised to support the development, testing and validation of specifically DER equipment. DERlab Report No. R- 005.0. Date: 2012-10. ISBN: 978-3-943517-01-9.
“Electromagnetic Compatability for Distributed Energy Resources” This Guide describes the EMC conformity assessment procedures in the European Union for DER equipment, and revises the emission and immunity requirements established by many national and international standards and regulations. DERlab Report No. R- 002.0. Date: 2012-02. ISBN: 978-3-943517-05-7.
“European White Book on Grid-Connected Storage”This White Book is a contribution for better deployment of storage systems as a whole as seen from the grid (including converters) rather than any individual device or application. The Book does not only tackle complex technical issues such as requirements on interconnections, or test procedures for selecting a suitable storage technology, but presents also clarifications on tariff structures and other economic aspects. DERlab Report No. R- 003.0. Date: 2012-02. ISBN: 978-3-943517-00-2.
“International White Book on DER Protection: Review and Testing Procedures”This White Book provides an insight into the issues surrounding the impact of increasing levels of DER on the generator and network protection and the resulting necessary improvements in protection testing practices. DERlab Report No. R-004.0. Date: 2012-02. ISBN: 978-3-943517-02-6.
“Requirements to Testing of Power System Services Provided by DER Units”The book discusses the power system services that may be provided from DER units and the related methods to test the services actually provided, both at component level and at system level. DERlab Report No. R-006.0. Date: 2012-04. ISBN: 978-3-943517-04-0.
“International White Book on the Grid Integration of Static Converters” This white book deals with the future requirements for static converters that can contribute actively to a smart operation of the power systems considering in particular ancillary services, disturbed network conditions, and control and communication requirements. This working paper was initiated by DERlab and is a result of a series of workshops that was open to experts in the field. Project Deliverable, June 2009
“Key needs, priorities and framework for the development of a common European pre-standard on DER interconnection”Including a proposed draft structure for a European standard for interconnection of distributed energy resources (EDIS), Project Deliverable, September 2008
“Electromagnetic Compatability for Distributed Energy Resources (working paper 2007)”DERlab Guide Document supporting the EMC standardisation for low frequency phenomena, IEC/ SC77A: PT61000-3-15, Working Paper, January 2007.


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Conference papers 2011 – 2015

TitleAuthorsPlace of the publicationAffiliation
Lab Tests: Verifying That Smart Grid Power Converters Are Truly SmartR. Bründlinger1, T. Strasser1, G. Lauss1, A. Hoke2, S. Chakraborty2, G. Martin2, B. Kroposki2, J. Johnson3, E. de Jong4IEEE Power and Energy Magazine, vol.13, no.2, pp.30,42, March-April 20151AIT. 2NREL. 3Sandia National Laboratories. 4DNV GL.
Comparative assessment of module productivity modelsN. Dekker1, R. Emmerich2, G. Leotta3, J. Mertens4, S.Misara2, P. Pugliatti3, A. Di Stefano3, G. Razongles4, B. Ya Assoa4EU PVSEC 20141ECN. 2Fraunhofer IWES. 3Enel. 4CEA INES.
Thermal and electrical analysis of BIPV systems in the Sophia projectB. Ya Assoa1, W. Sprenger2, S. Misara3, F. Roca4, L. Mongibello4, B. Kubicek5, M. Wagner5, S. Zamini5, J. Merten1, M. Machado6EU PVSEC 20141CEA INES. 2Fraunhofer ISE. 3Fraunhofer IWES. 4ENEA. 5AIT. 6TECNALIA.
Collaborative development of automated advanced interoperability certification test protocols for PV smart grid integrationJ. Johnson1, R. Bründlinger2, C. Urrego3, R. Alonso4EU PVSEC 20141Sandia National Laboratories. 2AIT. 3Universidad del Valle. 4TECNALIA.
DERri common reference model for distributed energy resources – modelling scheme, reference implementations and validation of resultsF. Andren1, F. Lehfuss1, P. Jonke1, T. Strasser1, E. Rikos2, P. Kotsampopoulos3, P. Moutis3, F. Belloni4, C. Sandroni4, C. Tornelli4, A. Villa4, A. Krusteva5, R. Stanev5CIGRE Session 45, Paris, France, 20141AIT. 2CRES. 3ICCS-NTUA. 4RSE. 5TUS.
Improving the portability and exchangeability of model data for smart grids focusing on realtime simulations – definition of a common reference modelT. Strasser1, M. Stifter1, W. Hribernik1, E. Lambert2, P. Kotsampopoulos3, P. Crolla4, C. Tornelli5CIGRE Session 45, Paris, France, 20141AIT. 2Électricité de France. 3ICCS-NTUA. 4University of Strathclyde. 5RSE.
On the stability of local voltage control in distribution networks with a high penetration of inverter-based generationF. Andren1, B. Bletterie1, S. Kadam1, P. Kotsampopoulos2, C. Bucher3IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, vol. PP, issue: 99, 20141AIT. 2ICCS-NTUA. 3Basler & Hofmann AG
Testing of utility-scale PV inverters – international grid code developments and laboratory needsW. Heckmann1, N. Schäfer1, D. Mincu (Craciun)1+2International Conference on Standards for Smart Grid Ecosystems, Central Power Research Institute (CPRI), Bangalore, India1Fraunhofer IWES. 2DERlab.
Guidelines for testing large-scale RES invertersG. Arnold1, R. Bründlinger2, W. Heckmann1, N. Schäfer1 D. Geibel1Deliverable JRA-2.2.3, Distributed Energy Ressources Research Infrastructures (DERri, EU Project no. 228449), January 20141Fraunhofer IWES. 2AIT.
Introduction of advanced testing procedures including PHIL for DG providing ancillary servicesP. Kotsampopoulos1, N. Hatziargyriou1, B. Bletterie2, G. Lauss2 T. Strasser239th Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON), Vienna, Austria, 20131ICCS-NTUA. 2AIT.
Review, analysis and recommendations on recent guidelines for the provision of ancillary services by distributed generationP. Kotsampopoulos1, N. Hatziargyriou1, B. Bletterie2, G. Lauss2IEEE International Workshop on Intelligent Energy Systems (IWIES), Vienna, Austria, 20131ICCS-NTUA. 2AIT.
Use of Model Predictive Control for Experimental Microgrid OptimisationA. Parisio1, E. Rikos2, G. Tzamalis3, L. Glielmo4Electric Power Systems Research, vol. 102, 20131KTH. 2CRES. 3ICCS-NTUA. 4EDT.
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Power Hardware-In-The-Loop Technique Applied to a LV Network for Integrating a Supercapacitor with an Average Model of STATCOMK. Mentesidi1, M. Santamaria2, M. Aguado3, A. Vassilakis4, A. Rigas4, V. Kleftakis4, P. Kotsampopoulos 4IEEE IWIES 20131CENER. 2TECNALIA. 3VISTAKON. 4ICCS-NTUA.
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Conference papers 2008 – 2011 (DERlab NoE)

Common publications during the EC Network of Excellence DERlab 2008 – 2011.

TitleAuthorsPlace of the publicationAffiliation
Reliability model for relay protection systemD. Bogdanov1, V. Terzija2PAC world Conference, Dublin, Ireland, 20111TU Sofia, 2University of Manchester
Experience in microgrid operationR. Pawelek1, R. Mienski1, A. Krusteva26th International Conference on Power Systems, Control, Quality and Efficiency of Utilisation, Blagoveschensk, Russia, 20111TU Lodz, 2TU Sofia
Steady state analysis of networks with distributed energy resourcesR. Stanev1, A. Krusteva1, P. Nakov1, B. Bletterie2, P. Romanos3II Research conference of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering TU Sofia – EF2010, Sozopol, Bulgaria1TU Sofia, 2AIT, 3NTUA
Smartgrid’s testing facilities in European LaboratoriesD. Coll-Mayor1, E. Rodriguez2, E. Zabala2, R. Bründlinger3, E. Lemaire4, A. Notholt5SmartGrids and E-Mobility Conference, Brussels, Belgium, 20101DERlab e.V., 2TECNALIA, 3AIT, 4CEA-INES, 5Fraunhofer IWES
Assessment of production capability of the first wind farm in PolandR. Pawelek1, R. Mienski1, B. Terlecki1, A. Krusteva2, P. Nakov2International Seminar “Problems of electrical power engineering”, Lodz, Poland, 20101TU Lodz, 2TU Sofia
Bringing together international research on High Penetration PV in Electricity Grids. The new Task 14 of the IEAPhotovoltaic Power Systems ProgrammeR. Bründlinger1, C. Mayr1, H. Fechner1, M. Braun2, K. Ogimoto3, B. Kroposki4, G. Graditi6, I. F. MacGill7, D. Turcotte8, L. Perret925th European PVSEC, Valencia, Spain, 20101AIT, 2Fraunhofer IWES, 3University of Tokyo, 4NREL, 5EnergiMidt, 6ENEA, 7CEEM Australia, 8Natural Resources Canada, 9Planair
Technical and commercial standardisation of DER/microgrid componentsJ. Oyarzabal, N. Ruiz1, N. Hatziargyriou et. al.2for CIGRÉ Working Group C6.10 (ISBN: 978-2-85873-111-4), 20101TECNALIA, 2NTUA
Illustration of Modern Wind Turbine Ancillary ServicesN. Hatziargyriou1, I. Margaris1, A. Hansen2, P. Sørensen2Energies 2010, ISSN: 1996-10731NTUA, 2RISOE
DERlab round-robin testing of photovoltaic single-phase invertersO. Perego1, P. Mora1, C. Tornelli1, T. Degner2, W. Heckmann 2Photovoltaics international, Quarterly Technical Journal, ISSN: 1857-7797, May 20101RSE, 2Fraunhofer IWES
Analysis of Test Procedures For PV Inverter Performed In The DERab Testing ActivitiesO. Perego1, P. Mora1, N. Hinov2, T. Hristov2, A. Krusteva2, G. Romanovsky3, D. Geibel 4Elektronika 2010, Sofia, Bulgaria1RSE, 2TU Sofia, 3University of Manchester, 4Fraunhofer IWES
Dynamic security issues of autonomous power systems with increasing wind power penetrationN. Hatziargyriou1, I. Margaris1, A. Hansen2, N. Cutululis2, P. Sørensen2EWEC 2010, Warsaw, Poland1NTUA, 2RISOE
Characterizing the Overall Performance of Grid-connected PV power converters with the new European Standard EN 50350R. Bründlinger1, N. Henze2, H. Häberlin2, B. Burger2, A. Bergmann2, F. Baumgartner219th International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference and Exhibition, ICC Jeju, Korea, 20091AIT, 2Fraunhofer IWES
Improvement of Power Quality and Reliability with Multifunctional PV-Inverters in Distributed Energy SystemsD. Geibel1, T. Degner1, M. Antchev2, A. Krusteva2, C.Hardt310th International Conference on Electrical Power Quality and Utilisation EPQU’09, Lodz, Poland1Fraunhofer IWES, 2TU Sofia, 3SMA Solar Technology AG
Inverter interconnection tests performed in the LABEIN-Tecnalia microgrid involved in the DERlab round-robin testing activityA. Gil de Muro1, J. E. Rodriguez1, E. Zabala1, C. Mayr2, R. Bründlinger2, G. Romanovsky3, O. Gehrke4, F. Isleifsson410th International Conference on Electrical Power Quality and Utilisation EPQU’09, Lodz, Poland1TECNALIA, 2AIT, 3University of Manchester, 4RISOE
International white book on the grid integration of static convertersP. Strauß1, T. Degner1, W. Heckmann1, I. Wasiak2, P. Gburczyk2, N. Hatziargyriou3, T. Romanos3, E. Zountouridou3, A. Dimeas3, Z. Hanzelka410th International Conference on Electrical Power Quality and Utilisation EPQU’09, Lodz, Poland1Fraunhofer IWES, 2TU Lodz, 3NTUA, 4AGH-University of Science and Technology
EN 50530 – The new European Standard for Performance Characterisation of PV invertersR. Bründlinger1, N. Henze2, B. Burger2, H. Häberlin3, A. Bergmann4, F. Baumgartner524th EUPVSEC, Hamburg, Germany, 20091AIT, 2Fraunhofer IWES, 3Berne University of Applied Sciences, 4DKE Deutsche Kommission Elektrotechnik, 5Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften
PV Inverters supporting the grid – First experiences with testing and qualification according to the new grid interconnection guidelines in Germany, Austria and FranceR. Bründlinger1, B. Bletterie1, G. Arnold2, T. Degner2, C. Duvauchelle324th EUPVSEC, Hamburg, Germany, 20091AIT, 2Fraunhofer IWES, 3EDF
PV for Smart BuildingsT. Romanos1, N. Hatziargyriou1, J. Schmid2, J. Mutale324th EUPVSEC, Hamburg, Germany, 20091NTUA. 2Fraunhofer IWES. 3University of Manchester
Demand Side Management in Smart BuildingsT. Romanos1, N. Hatziargyriou1, J. Schmid2European Conference Smart Grids and Mobility, Würzburg, Germany, 20091NTUA, 2Fraunhofer IWES
Grid integration issues for EVs / PHEVs: the DERlab approachE. Lemaire1, J. Merten1, P. Nørgaard2, H. Bindner2, P. Mora3, E. Kolentini4, E. Zabala5, J. E. Rodriguez5, M. Stifter6, R. Bründlinger6, S. Tselepis7, T. Degner8, W. Heckmann 8European Conference Smart Grids and Mobility in Würzburg, Germany, 20091CEA-INES, 2RISOE, 3RSE, 4NTUA, 5TECNALIA, 6AIT, 7CRES, 8Fraunhofer IWES
Application of Active Power Filters in Distributed Energy SystemsM. Antchev1, M. Petkova1,A. Krusteva1, D. Geibel2ICEST’09, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria1TU Sofia, 2Fraunhofer IWES
Estimation of Voltage controllability of Distribution Systems with Locally Distributed SourcesR. Stanev1, P. Nakov1, A. Krusteva1, P. Romanos2, B. Bletterie3Energy Forum 2009, Varna, Bulgaria1TU Sofia, 2NTUA, 3AIT
Nachweis der elektrischen Eigenschaften von PV-Wechselrichtern gemäß den deutschen NetzanschlussrichtlinienG. Arnold1, T. Degner1, R. Bründlinger2Symposium Photovoltaic Solar Energy in Staffelstein, Germany, 20091Fraunhofer IWES, 2AIT
Making European Interconnection Requirements Transparent – The New DEDIS Data Base from DERlabT. Degner1, W. Heckmann1, J. E. Rodriguez2, E. Zabala2, R. Bründlinger33rd International Conference on Integration of RES and DER in Nice, France, 20081Fraunhofer IWES, 2TECNALIA, 3AIT
Research Facility of Technical University of Lodz – a Powerful Tool for Microgrids AnalysisR. Mienski1, R. Pawelek1, P. Gburczyk1, I. Wasiak1, T. Degner25th International Conference on Power Systems, Control, Quality and Efficiency of Utilisation in Blagoveshchensk, Russia, 20081TU Lodz, 2Fraunhofer IWES
DER Laboratory in Institute of Electrical Power Engineering of Technical University of LodzR. Mienski1, R. Pawelek1, P. Gburczyk1, I. Wasiak1, T. Degner213th International Conference on Harmonics and Quality of Power in Wollongong, Australia, 20081TU Lodz, 2Fraunhofer IWES
Redefinition of the European efficiency – finding the compromise between simplicity and accuracyB. Bletterie1, R. Bründlinger1, H. Häberlin2,
F. Baumgartner3, H. Schmidt4, G. Klein4, M. A. Abella5
European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, Valencia, Spain, 20081AIT, 2Berne University of Applied Sciences, 3Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften,
4Fraunhofer IWES, 5Ciemat-Avda
Performance Evaluation of the Gaidoroumandra Mini-Grid with Distributed PV GeneratorsR. Geipel1, M. Landau1, P. Strauß1, M. Vandenbergh1, S. Tselepis24th European PV-Hybrid and Mini-Grid Conference in Athens, Greece, 20081Fraunhofer IWES, 2CRES

Further archive publications

Energiemanagement auf Nachbarschaftsebene – Forschungsprojekt EEPOS. Energiewende 180°, DKE
(The DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE). May 2013
Harmonized procedures for long-term energy yield measurements and performance evaluation of PV modules in outdoor conditions Photovoltaics International 15/2012, February 2012. Authors: DERlab, NTUA, CRES and Sandia National Laboratories.
DERlab European White Book on Grid-Connected Storage. Das Europäische Weißbuch des Forschungsverbunds DERlab über netzgekoppelteEnergiespeicher [1.684 KB]. Book review in the journal Solarzeitalter 1/2012. Publisher: Eurosolar e. V, March 2012
DERlab round-robin testing of photovoltaic single-phase inverters Photovoltaics International 08/2010, May 2010
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Utility-scale PV systems: grid connection requirements, test procedures and European harmonisation Photovoltaics International, Second Quarter 2009, Fourth Edition
Mehr Aktivität im Netzbetrieb Energiespektrum, Heft 1-2/2009
Renewables: making the grid work Renewable Energy Focus, November/December 2008
Verein DERlab soll dezentrale Stromerzeugung stärken [6.879 KB] IKZ, Magazin für Erneuerbare Energien und Energieeffizienz in Gebäuden, Heft 11/12, 2008
Institutos europeos de investigación fundan la Asociación DERlab para potenciar la generación eléctrica distribuida Nota de Prensa DERlab, 18.09.2008
Leading European Research Institutes Found the Association DERlab to Strengthen the Distributed Power Generation Press Release DERlab, 18.09.2008
Führende europäische Forschungsinstitute gründen Verein DERlab zur Stärkung der dezentralen Stromerzeugung Pressemitteilung DERlab, 18.09.2008