DERlab clusters leading DER laboratories and accordingly, the application of each candidate is considered as an individual case. There is a membership fee that is fixed annually by the General Assembly. The rights and duties of member institutes are explained in detail in the articles of the association. 

Membership Benefits

Joint Research

• Coordination of common research activities
• Publishing joint position papers and technical reports

DERlab coordinates various research and pre-standardisation activities among its members. The members have the possibility to participate, for example, in developing common DER testing procedures. DERlab has knowledge of the expertise, skills and available installations of each member institute and proposes new collaborative research activities and projects.


• Information on standardisation processes and grid code developments
• Latest news in technology and R&D

DERlab provides exclusively its members with up-to-date information about DER developments and new opportunities.


• Internal workshops
• Staff exchange

DERlab is a platform allowing its members to collaborate with each other and other leading players in the field. For example, DERlab internal staff exchange has provided several possibilities for the staff of DERlab members to share infrastructures and create collaborations based on the academic interests of the researchers.


• Member institutes presented on the website
• Wide dissemination activities

Using a variety of communication methods and by regularly contacting a number of key stakeholders, DERlab provides visibility and advertising opportunities for its members. Publications such as reports and service booklets are widely disseminated within the international research and business community.


Member candidates should fill out the application form which is provided on request.

Additionally, the applying organisation is expected to submit a presentation of their activities related to Distributed Energy Resources and Smart Grids as well as a letter of motivation. The Board of the DERlab Association proposes selected applicants to the General Assembly, which finally decides upon the memberships. The General Assembly takes place at least once per year.