Electric power systems are headed for a true changing of the guard due to the urgent need for decarbonized and sustainable energy delivery. Fortunately, the development of new technologies is driving the transition of power systems towards a carbon-free paradigm, while at the same time maintaining current standards of quality, efficiency and resiliency. The introduction of HVDC and FACTS in the 20th century, taking advantage of dramatic improvements in power electronics and control, gave rise to unprecedented levels of flexibility and speed of response in comparison with traditional electromechanical devices. This flexibility is nowadays more required than ever in order to solve a puzzle with pieces that do not always fit perfectly.

This Special Issue aims to address the role that FACTS and HVDC systems can play in helping electric power systems face the challenges of the near future. The contributions should preferably focus on the grid services that these technologies may bring, rather than on advances in individual devices. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • HVDC/FACTS providing services for transmission systems in combination with renewable plants and/or storage systems: frequency control, var/voltage regulation, backup reserve, energy imbalance, inertia provision, congestion release, load following, black-start capability, remote automatic generation control, network loss reduction, emergency control action, etc.

  • MVDC/D-FACTS providing services for distribution systems in combination with distributed generation and storage: voltage control, reactive power support, supply restoration, power quality maintenance, congestion management, balancing and reconfiguration, integration of renewable energies, etc.

  • Application of innovative devices or concepts based on HVDC/FACTS technologies for providing grid services: advanced secondary substations involving custom power devices, hybrid AC/DC transmission and distribution systems, advanced charging stations for electric vehicles, etc.
    Advanced control systems for

  • HVDC/FACTS providing grid services: centralized and distributed approaches, coordinated controllers with minimal communication infrastructure, robust controllers, etc.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 1 July 2019

More information here.

Call for Papers for Special Issue on “HVDC/FACTS for Grid Services in Electric Power Systems”
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