Since Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology’s  founding, the two departments IEE and IWES have developed two independent profiles in their fields, the board decides to proceed as two specialised institutes. While the sector in Kassel becomes IEE, the headquarters in Bremerhaven will remain under the initial IWES.

The planned new building for Fraunhofer 2020 in Kassel

Already, the Fraunhofer IWES in Kassel is a household name in wind energy technology and inner industry workings. It has accredited and certificated assessment infrastructures, competences in their methods this future institue is focused on wind energy  systems and technology. “It is very well equipped to contribute substantially toward facing enormous technical challenges.” says Prof. Andreas Reuter, institute director of Fraunhofer IWES in Bremerhaven.

In 2020 a new building for research and development in Kassel is planned for IEE. Specialised in energy economy and energy system technology, the future Fraunhofer Institute in Kassel will facilitate innovation and further their vision of stability and easy access to sustainable energy, both nationally and internationally.

Both institutes will continue to solve problems and questions using their industry experiences and knowledge across disciplines to create synergies under the Fraunhofer network.

Read the full press release in German here.

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Fraunhofer IWES in Kassel becomes Fraunhofer IEE
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