Lemcko started the functional testing of an innovative generator for a renewable power application at Ghent University campus Kortrijk. The generator is the result of a cooperation between the company Magnax and Ghent University.

Both solar power as well as wind power are already used widely. Tidal and wave power will become part of the energy mix. Each of these rely on an electromechanical converter system that transforms the power comprised in the rotational movement of a shaft into electrical energy. Besides cost, reliability and efficiency are key performance indicators for such systems.


The new type of a direct drive electrical generator developed by Magnax avoids a heavy and bulky gearbox. Moreover, the targeted efficiency of the machine is 96%, and this efficiency is targeted over a large range of operating conditions. Currently, Lemcko of Ghent University is performing  tests on a unique, brand new testrig that will be inaugurated later on in 2017.

Although developed for renewable energy generation, other applications where the machine operates as a motor or generator are targeted: heavy duty vehicles, elevators, production machines, etc.

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Lemcko Testing for Direct Drive Electrical Generator
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