Throughout 2016 FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy  engaged in collaborations with internationally leading research institutions as well as supporting innovation through workshops and local projects in Cyprus.

FOSS aims to provide interdisciplinary cooperation and a training/education centre with a test-bed and a “living lab” in the areas of energy and sustainability. FOSS strives to be a major driver to facilitate commercialisation of innovation in energy-related fields in Cyprus, Europe and the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region. Promoting effective cooperation between academia, industry and business sectors, FOSS will continue to enable new developments and perspectives for the future of sustainable energy.

In 2016 FOSS’ numerous projects had an emphasis on grid connected PV systems and energy storage systems (ESS), such as GOFLEX (working with distributed sources of load flexibility in smart grids) and BestRes (realising new systems on the economic side).


In 2016 FOSS also realised their objective of collaborating with leading technological reasearch labs, such as the DERlab members AIT and DTU – within the Twin PV project.


Read more about the research center’s achievements, projects and workshops in the FOSS Annual Report 2016.


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FOSS’ Achievements in New Annual Report for 2016
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