The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has published a landmark report extensively detailing component and system-level cost breakdowns for residential PV solar systems equipped with energy storage.

Though costs of solar systems are steadily decreasing while the economic viability of energy storage systems has increased significantly over the last several years, gaps remain in developing an in-depth understanding of the costs of combined PV and battery systems and in effectively communicating their value proposition. The report “Installed Cost Benchmarks and Deployment Barriers for Residential Solar Photovoltaics with Energy Storage: Q1 2016” serves to quantify the previously unknown or uncertain soft costs for combined solar PV and energy storage. It is the first in a series of benchmark reports that will document progress in cost reductions for the emerging PV-plus-storage market over time.

Original Source by NREL

NREL publishes Landmark Residential Solar PV + Energy Storage Cost Breakdown
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