On 29 November 2017, member of the DERlab Board prof. Peter Vaessen will hold his inaugural speech at the Delft University of Technology. This speech on Energy Storage and Conversion will be streamed live and will also be available as a recording.

The electric power system – the largest man made machine on earth – is changing fast due to exponential growth, modular technology and hybridisation. Variable renewables will dominate the electricity generation. Power electronics start to change the way power system are operated. They are becoming more and more complex as well as being interdependant with other infrastructures and thus, creating huge shifts on the old system.

In the lecture the above-mentioned trends are presented in more depth, the consequences of hybridisation of the power system are highlighted with respect to central and dispersed variable generation, overhead and underground transmission and distribution, power delivery and protection and control. And finally, Peter Vaessen will address the question of whether transmission grids are still needed in the future.

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Peter Vaessen’s Speech on Energy Storage and Conversion
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