PowerLabDK of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has just invested in a large supercomputer as the first element of a soon-to-be-launched new Digital Energy Lab, which will support the development of an integrated, flexible and market-based energy system as recommended yesterday by the Danish Energy Commission.

Preparing for the future, PowerLabDK has decided to invest in advanced digitalisation components like the supercomputer, a so-called High Performance Computing (HPC) facility, which hold over 100 nodes and a total of 2376 cores. This computer system will provide a higher level of it-infrastructure to the testing facilities, which will guarantee a more advanced research level, where additional scenarios and conditions can be taken into consideration when testing and developing elements of the energy system.

PowerLabDK’s plan is to expand its Digital Energy Lab to integrate significant technology trends across the energy and IT sectors. With the acquisition of the HPC, it is possible to analyse large amounts of data from the energy system and utilise the knowledge they bring to achieve an intelligent interaction between the energy sources, the consumption and the distribution grid.

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PowerLabDK of DTU Prepares for the Digital Energy Future
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