A Workshop on Advanced Laboratory Testing Methods for Modern Power Systems is taking place in Dortmund on May 8th-10th 2023.

The main focus is on advanced laboratory testing methods for modern power systems. The workshop will bring together experts around Europe to discuss topics such as:

  • Extensive view of the laboratory testing methods
  • Validation with CHIL and PHIL approaches
  • Co-simulation with geographically distributed laboratories
  • Testing of multi-domain energy systems
  • ICT integration to power systems
  • Cybersecurity and Protection
  • Relevant use cases

The workshop serves as a meeting point between specialists from the industry and research to exchange ideas on this emerging field. Numerous real-life experiences and examples ranging from early research to daily operations will be discussed.

The workshop is oriented toward professionals from utilities, energy companies, manufacturing companies, universities and other research and development organisations.

Find the program and registration information here.

Apply now for the Workshop: Advanced Laboratory Testing Methods at the University of Dortmund
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