DERlab is happy to be part of the PARMENIDES consortium, represented at the BRIDGE General Assembly.

Last week the BRIDGE General Assembly gathered 350 experts from more than 90 projects funded by the EU to discuss in Brussels and online.

The EU BRIDGE initiative promotes research and innovation in energy, bringing together stakeholders to accelerate the development of new solutions.

PARMENIDES Project (Plug&plAy eneRgy ManagEmeNt for hybrID Energy Storage) was also highlighted in this General Assembly. This project aims to develop a new ontology with a focus on the electricity and heating domain for buildings, customers, and energy communities. It has a 3M$ budget, will take place in 6 countries with 8 partners for the duration of 36 months.

Learn more about the PARMENIDES Project here.

DERlab part of the PARMENIDES consortium
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