The COTEVOS project (Concepts, capacities and methods for Testing EV systems and their interOperability within Smart Grids) presents an updated version of its white book “Business Opportunities and Interoperability Assessment for EV Integration” aiming to raise the awareness on the integration of Electric Vehicles.
The project ran from September 2013 until February 2016 and involved eleven partners, including DERlab, and three external parties. Led by TECNALIA, COTEVOS developed optimal structures and capacities to test the conformance, interoperability and performance of all systems making up the infrastructure for the charge of EV.

Besides the main topic of interoperability between EV and electric power system, the white book also focuses on technologies for EV integration, potential business models, and the EV system architecture. It further outlines a roadmap for interoperability assessment and interoperability test development. The white book also presents best practices as a valuable insight for industry actors into future EV development on the one hand, as well as insights into ways of enhancing ICT testing capabilities for researchers on the other. The updated version also looks deeper into exploitation aspects of EV integration.

In order to overcome the challenges in EV business development, the white book gives several recommendations to different stakeholders with regards to business models and standards development, plug-test events for standards validation, strategies to develop a pan-European interoperable testing infrastructure, and control strategies for the cost-efficient grid integration of EVs and other distributed energy resources.

You can find the COTEVOS white book available for free download here .

COTEVOS Updates White Book “Business Opportunities and Interoperability Assessment for EV Integration”
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