Denmark is one of the countries in Europe that has the largest amount of direct current (DC) connections, yet lacks methods for optimal coordination and management of them. DC connections are more flexible and more controllable than the AC connections that most power systems are based on. The Center of Electric Power and Energy at DTU will take the lead in a new Grand Solutions Project which will utilise DC benefits to ensure a sustainable system with cheaper and higher performance.

The project will develop methods to optimise the management of electrical connections, which annually can save Denmark more than 100 million DKK. A more coordinated management will utilise the power more efficiently, reduce losses on longer distances; and optimise those AC systems that the DC connections links together, which increases the reliability and efficiency of the overall system. The flexibility of the DC connections translates into a better handling of renewable energy, which currently is a challenge for the traditional connections.

Moreover, the project addresses the issue of optimal distribution of electricity between neighbouring countries. The findings of this project will give Denmark’s neighbours access to cheaper wind energy while simultaneously help Danish customers to reduce costs connected to the transmission network.

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DTU Takes Lead in New Project Paving the way for an Integrated Energy System across Nordic Countries
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