The “RE-EMPOWERED” Horizon 2020 project, coordinated by Smart RUE (Smart grids Research Unit of the Electrical and Computer Engineering School) of ICCS-NTUA, aims to develop and demonstrate novel tools to provide a complete solution for all stages of a Microgrid/Energy Island and Multi-Microgrid applications.

Following the successful coordination of the European research programs ‘Microgrids’ (2003-2005) and ‘More Microgrids’ (2006-2009) and more than 20 years of successful participation in European and National Research & Innovation projects, the Smart grids Research Unit (SmartRUE) of the Electrical and Computer Engineering School of the NTUA will coordinate the Horizon 2020 European project ‘RE-EMPOWERED’.

The main goal of RE-EMPOWERED is to develop and demonstrate solutions for energy transition of local energy systems based on multi-energy Microgrids, interconnecting multiple energy vectors. The multi-energy structure will be used to optimize their joint operation. The benefits will be demonstrated in 4 pilot sites leading to an increased share of renewable generation and higher energy efficiency of the wider local energy system.

14 partners from Europe and India have joined forces, and submitted a proposal that received a score of 15 out of 15 from both the European Commission and the Department of Science & Technology (DST) of India. It is one of the two projects among 53 submitted that was selected for funding.

The project tools include innovative solutions for energy planning, ranging from the design of Greenfield Microgrids to the upgrade of existing installations to increase RES penetration. The developed management tools will exploit synergies with other available energy carriers, including electricity, heating, cooling, water, waste, e-mobility, etc. taking into account availability, operational, security, and reserve constraints.

RΕ-EMPOWERED H2020 project coordinated by Smart RUE of ICCS-NTUA
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