Power Europe 2017 is the leading industry forum for navigating the evolution and transformation of the entire power-industry value chain. The event focuses on strategic regulatory, financial and technological aspects of the anticipated trajectory and development of the European power industry towards its carbon free objective by 2050.
It will take place in Vienna (AT) on 27-29 November, 2017.

Power Europe 2017 is composed of the following main events representing the up and down-stream value chain of the European electricity sector:

  • European Power Distribution & Retail Systems Summit (EPD)
    European and global DSO and TSO operators and experts will discuss the development of the next generation of smart distribution and retail systems show-casing key projects being planned and implemented.
  • European Power Generation Strategy Summit (EPG)
    The focus of EPG will be on market, regulatory, fuel supply, technological and financial risks posed to power generators to provide a strategic guide for portfolio future-planning for the power generation sector.

The 3-day co-located events include an interactive programme of keynote and specialist themed sessions, panel discussions, private round table discussions, exhibition and informal networking dinners, luncheons and coffee breaks. The programme will be complemented by the Power Project Financing & New Power Technologies Forum.

For more information please visit the conference website or see the summit guide.


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Save the Date: Power Europe 2017 in Vienna (AT) on 27-29 November, 2017
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