Don’t miss the upcoming webinar “Remote Testing & EIRIE Platform” on 8 March 2021 at 9.30am-11.30am, jointly organised by DERlab Working Group 4 “Strengthening the integration of laboratories & researcher exchange” and Horizon 2020 projects ERIGrid 2.0 and PANTERA.

In the webinar, ERIGrid 2.0 partners will showcase the project’s infrastructure and present the collected experiences with remote lab access. Also presented will be the ERIGrid 2.0 Virtual Access to infrastructures with demos of two virtual facilities.

The PANTERA project will talk about the interactive multi-functional platform EIRIE that will act as the meeting point of all actors active in the field of energy research and innovation from all Europe.


– Welcome words from the DERlab Board – (Prof. Graeme Burt)

– ERIGrid 2.0 Project, Remote Testing

  • Overview of the ERIGrid 2.0 Research Infrastructure for Smart Grids and Smart Energy Systems (AIT/Thomas Strasser)
  • Introduction of the ERIGrid 2.0 Lab Access Programme (TECNALIA/J. Emilio Rodriguez Seco)
  • Experiences with Remote Lab Access Services on the Example VILLAS4ERIGrid (DTU/Kai Heussen)
  • Virtual Research Services in ERIGrid 2.0 (RWTH Aachen/Steffen Vogel)
  • Demo of the VLab Services from RWTH Aachen (RWTH Aachen/Steffen Vogel)
  • Demo of the OpenAFPM Services from ICCS-NTUA (ICCS-NTUA/Kostas Latoufis)

– The EIRIE platform: We are here for much more than just reliable information to support the energy transition! (FOSS/Venizelos Efthymiou)

– Discussion and Q&A

Join us for the upcoming webinar “Remote Testing & EIRIE Platform”
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